What we do

Stichting Hadassa Imani gaat zijn werk doen in de sloppenwijken van Kangemi en Kibera in Nairobi, Kenia.


Hadassa Imani Foundation will do its work in the slums of Kangemi and Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. Even earlier, this work has been done in a 7-month internship in 2015. There is a collaboration with the local Afrilift Foundation.

Projects for the group of children aged 5 to about 10 years will be started in 2018.

Kenia, Nairobi

Hadassa Imani has been active in Kenya since early 2017. The projects are located in the slums Kangemi.


  • Education: In the slums of Kangemi we focus mainly on education for boys between 10-16 years. We train, among other things, English, General Skills, Wisdom, Biblical Education, Sports

  • Health: We offer the possibility of visiting a doctor in case of illness

  • Job training: Through the training program on the farm, young people receive a training as farmer

  • Entrepreneurship: By learning and working on the Farm, young people can grow and sell vegetables by developing a small piece of land

    The osiligfarm outside Nairobi:

  • Education: deepening knowledge in agriculture, english, bible knowledge

  • Health: The young people receive medical care, if necessary, on the farm

  • Job training: The young people receive a vocational training as farmer on the farm. The knowledge is so high that, after 2 years, they have a career guarantee

  • Entrepreneurship: The young people operate their own piece of land where they can retain the profits. This will be saved for the young people and they will start as a starting capital after 2 years.