May 11

New plans . Columbia

Here is the long-awaited update on all recent events, but also on my plans for the future. In recent months I have worked for the Salvation Army in Rotterdam. I have worked with people with an addiction who also have psychological problems. I have experienced this time as very instructive and have given me the […]

May 10

A nice visit to Kevin and how it goes with the Kiberaboys.

A nice group photo but this is the place where some of our boys sleep normally … It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, so I thought I’d just get my laptop and get started. This time I want to write about a boy who was on the farm a few years ago […]

April 10

News from Nairobi

From Nairobi another blog and tomorrow evening, April 11, a vlog! As, perhaps, some of you have already read on facebook, I was slightly less active everywhere because I was sick. Meanwhile I feel good, so I am back to work and I spend many days on the farm. Currently there is enough work to […]

March 19


Hey everyone, Just a short message from Nairobi, the past week I have been working on the farm and I had greeting cards from the Netherlands to hand out to the boys. These cards are made by VMBO students from class 1 and 2 of the Prins Maurits (CSGPM). It took a long time before […]

March 19

Rain time

Hello all The last few weeks I have been on the farm a lot. On other days than usual and therefore also on weekends. On the farm are meant: no range, so no blogs / vlogs. Thursday, rain fell for months. Due to the drought, there is food problems in parts of Kenya. You notice […]

February 3


As many readers may still know, we have been active in recent years with an open air program for street boys in the slums of Kangemi. Through this program the boys can come to the farm. Based on behavior, activities, on time presence and hygiene, there are about 150 points to earn. As soon as […]

January 25

The first weeks in Nairobi

Dear everybody, Could I tell you in my last blog that I had arrived in Nairobi, now I live here for 2 weeks and I already have a lot to tell. The first week I was mainly busy with arranging and buying all sorts of things. I can now use the internet and that is […]

January 10

In Nairobi

Yesterday evening I left Schiphol for Nairobi. After a nice and nice farewell of family and friends and a small delay at the security, I left with a packed airplane to Kenya. Thanks to my neighbor it did not work to get to sleep. At 4.39 am I could append that I had landed safely. […]

January 8

Last Blog from the Netherlands

Dear everybody, Tonight I hope to leave for Kenya at 8.30 pm. This is my last blog on Dutch soil. It is hard to imagine that tomorrow morning I am in Nairobi. My family and my best friends are waving me out. Last Thursday I said goodbye to my friends from Rotterdam and colleagues from […]

December 23

At the end of 2017

Dear everybody, So at the last minute before Christmas a blog about the past weeks. It was a busy time. My room in Rotterdam has been emptied and until my departure I live in Nieuwe Tonge again. I had a good time in Rotterdam. Living there was nice. The location of my room, right next […]

November 21

Flashback information evening Prins Maurits

The presentation evening of November 16, 2017, The evening that I announced on this site and Facebook. An evening organized by the TFC in the Prins Maurits school community. The school where I obtained my Havo diploma years ago. Weeks of preparation preceded it. I must honestly say that I was slightly nervous about the […]