Frans Weller is 25 years old, born in Alphen aan den Rijn, currently living in Nieuwe Tonge. Frans has graduated as a social educational worker / social work and hopes to leave at the end of 2017 to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

From a young age, Frans said that he would later help the poor children in Africa. Even though he had no realization that this would actually happen. As he grew older, the thought came into being for those who had less than us as westerners ever more. From this point of view, in 2011, after leaving high school, Frans left Mwanza in Tanzania for one year to do volunteer work with street children. This work is so well-chosen that he has chosen the Social Pedagogical Career / Social Work study. Because in spite of all events in Tanzania, the thought of returning to Africa has returned ever more. Therefore, Frans used his internship 2014/2015 to work with street children in Nairobi for the local Christian foundation Afrilift. Once in Kenya he found working with the street youth youth, helping them and helping them in life on their way to a better future such a grateful job that was begun to engage in Nairobi’s street boys. In the summer months of 2015, Frans returned to Kenya to work there for the various projects of the Afrilift Foundation. After which he decided to return definitively to Nairobi to fulfill his dream. That means: emigrating to Kenya and working with street boys. This decision has been a long journey in his life. The idea of ​​going to Africa traveled with him over time and over time, this thought became a dream. In the meantime, Frans indicates that his dream has passed a calling. In the summer months of 2015, he felt the calling in his heart to leave for Kenya. Frans is convinced and believes that God has called him to work with street boys. During a course in Germany in 2011, he received from a fellow student the following text from Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know what My plans are for you, says the Lord.” This text has been of great importance to Frans for his plans, he feels in his heart that God wants him to work for young people in Kenya / Africa. Looking back at the events in his life, in terms of work, school and experience, he clearly sees the Hand of God to make him ready for a departure to Africa. By now, in 2017, Frans is ready to leave and hopes to emigrate to Kenya at the end of 2017. To perform his childhood dream and calling.